Got a Sad Wallet? Here’s How to Make Money


Money Makes the World Go Round

Money really does make the world go round. After all, you use it to buy the things you need and expect it in return for the work you do. Some people have billions of dollars, and some people are destitute. Most of us wish we had a bit more money. Almost everything has a price, and if you want something, you pay that price with money. What you are buying your hard-earned cash can be a physical item, a service, or both. Money comes in many different currencies and forms, but its use has stayed the same since its invention around 9000 BC. 

Another thing that hasn’t changed is that people always want more money. The need for wealth drives some people. In fact, a person’s success is sometimes considered a reflection of the amount of money they have. An assessment like this is not a bad thing. The need for wealth means progress in multiple fields. As you look around your home, every item you own came to be, at least to some extent, because someone wanted to make a profit. Of course, its actual use was a factor in the design, as well. The bottom line is that if no one wanted to earn money, there would be no businesses. 

You do not need to strive to make millions, but we could all use a bit more money. Luckily, in this day and age, there are lots of ways to earn it. 

How Can I Make More Money?

We all want to make more money. You may be looking for a new long-term source of income (if so, you may also benefit by checking out these tips on financial planning). Alternatively, you may just be looking for some extra cash on the side. No matter your incentive, you should know that there is no such thing as an easy way to make money. There are ways to make quick money, but these are rarely long-term solutions.

Some of these quick-money schemes can even turn out to be scams. Consider the old adage: If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Earning money takes hard work and commitment. If you are willing to put the time in, then you are in the right place. Below is a list of some ways that you can make some extra money. Who knows: you might be the next billionaire. 

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The Best Ways to Make Money

In 2019 there are so many different ways to earn money. Some of those ways provide a little extra money, while others can offer a full-time salary. Some options make money fast, while others take a bit more time before you can see the fruits of your labor. The world is getting more advanced. Social networks serve as a marketplace for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. Perhaps the best thing about any online money-making opportunity is flexibility.

You can work from your mobile device or laptop anywhere you want. Online work usually allows you to be your own boss. Being your own boss can be positive or negative, depending on the type of person you are. That’s because you have to be dedicated in order to do this type of work successfully. It doesn’t just have to be online, though. Let’s take a look at the opportunities available for making money.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are the celebrities of the current generation. An influencer is a person who uses their social media following for advertising purposes. These advertisements then encourage the influencers’ followers to purchase products. The more followers someone has, the more money they can make. Influencing others can be a big business, and it is an opportunity that many younger people are taking advantage of. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and similar platforms serve as your workplace. Youtube and Instagram influencers are the most common and have the largest followings. To get the number of followers needed to start making money, you need unique content. It’s best if you are in a niche that hasn’t been over-saturated already.

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How to Start Influencing 

Once you have decided on what your niche is, you can start building your brand. To do this, you should create compelling content and engage with your followers to ensure the growth of your following. Having enough followers will lead to your connecting with potential brands, and then you can start turning a profit. Becoming an expert is not easy, and it can take a lot of time and research before perfecting your formula. If you get it right though, you can make serious money. 10,000 Instagram account followers can be expected to net you around $100 per picture, with even higher amounts if you have more followers. Youtube works similarly. Popular videos can be set to show ads. The more people that see them, the more money you can get paid. For this reason, exciting content is vital. 

Social Media Manager

When considering both influencing and freelance work in terms of effort, social media management is a happy medium. Influencers often need someone to manage their social media following, and brands can also require the same. They can find someone to provide this service via freelance websites. Social Media managing gets its own section as it can be a full-time job, and you would have to manage the social media account over all of the platforms. Taking this position means posting Instagram stories and posts, along with the equivalents on other social media platforms, at the right time to maximize exposure for your client.

You could also be put in charge of replying to comments and arranging. These tasks are just a few of the possible duties that come with the manager role. Managing social media accounts is not a simple job; you must be able to plan ahead and then execute successful marketing plans strategically. You will be effectively running a business. If you do not enjoy being in the limelight, but still want to get in on the social media phenomenon. If so, this kind of work is an excellent way for you to make an income. 

Blog Writing

If you have a talent for content writing but don’t want to be tied down doing freelance work, then consider writing your own blog. You need to be able to put out enticing content regularly, but if you can do that, then you can turn your online blog into a money-making website. Money is mostly made through the use of advertising. A blog with exciting and informative content, along with some well-placed keywords, will increase traffic to your page.

How do Blogs Make Money?

Once you have started to fill your blog with great articles, you can sign up for Google AdSense, as well as similar platforms. After signing up, the platform places advertisements onto your page, and these generate a profit for you. The more clicks on the ads, the more money you make. There are other advertising platforms in addition to Google, though most of them come with a maximum standard of three ads per page. Of course, you can always use more than one. Having this option means that, subject to the terms of the platform, you can use multiple providers and make even more profit. How much you make will come down to how good your content is. 

Besides AdSense and similar programs, you can also take advantage of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is appropriate when you use your blog to push a particular product or company. Every purchase made via a link from your site can earn you a percentage of the sale. You can also take advantage of affiliate marketing as a social media influencer, as well. You will need to stay informed on recent trends, as well as ensure the information you are providing is accurate. Blog writing is a lot of work, but the freedom is rewarding, and the money to be made is not bad either. 


Any form of writing will need editing. Your very own blog will need checking for errors, whether in punctuation or word usage. A proofreader fills this role, and it is something you can do on your own. There is a need for proofreading for more than just blogs: books, web-pages, and even ads require a skilled proofreader before publication. As a proofreader, it is your responsibility to go through each piece of written content and ensure that it is free of errors and ready for publishing. Generally, proofreaders can expect to make about $25 per hour. This type of work is flexible, but you will be the last person to see the content before it is published. Therefore, to be successful, you need to have excellent English skills and an exceptional understanding of grammar.

Writing an E-Book

Publishing a book is easier than ever with Amazon Kindle. The internet has changed many things, including how we publish and read books. Traditional publishing with a literary agent is still possible, but many people choose to do it online. With this option, the lack of a physical publishing house means you will need to put in the extra work for marketing. The advantage of online publishing is that there is more money to be made, and your work does not have to meet specific guidelines.  

If you have the next Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings in your head, then now is a great time to write it out and make a nice profit. You may not have a great novel in your head, but even teaching manuals can be useful. The market for ebooks is very saturated, so it takes something special to make serious money. Despite this, a great story combined with excellent writing skills can turn your spare time into extra cash. In fact, more than 20% of the US publishing market is made up of ebooks. If you want to get those creative juices flowing while making some extra cash, then publishing an ebook is for you. Ebook writing is a much better side money-making option. However, income is not constant.

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Transcribing Interviews

Interviews and notes get audio recorded daily. A transcriber is then hired to turn that interview into the written word. It could be scientific notes, a media interview, or even a legal discussion. If you can listen to a recording over and over while typing out what is said, then this task could be for you. You can expect to make between $15 and $20 per hour doing this kind of work. 

Even more money per hour is possible if you can specialize in your transcription work. The average going rate for a medical transcriber is around $17.50 per hour, though you may have to start at the bottom before breaking into a specialized field. The ability to work from your laptop during the hours that best suit you can make transcribing an excellent business option. 

Narrating Audiobooks

This option is the opposite of the above. Your job is to take the written word and read it into an audio recording. Audiobooks are very popular and a great way of enjoying literature on the go. You may be the author of an ebook looking to distribute on other platforms, or a part-time radio host looking for extra money. Either way, recording your favorite books for others to enjoy can bring in some extra cash. If your voice receives constant compliments, then narrating could be right for you. An excellent place to start a narrating career would be ACX. You make a profile, submit some samples, and then away you go. The pay depends on how big the book is, how long it takes to read, and even the subject matter. 

How to Make Money

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Freelance Work

Making money online usually means that you are working for yourself. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Freelancing means working for clients doing tasks from your own home. A potential client posts a listing for the work they need doing to any number of freelance websites. As with a regular job, you can then apply for the positions you want. Freelancing is considered self-employed work, so you are still your own boss, but you have to meet the requirements of the person who posted the listing. Available work can vary, but there are many possibilities. 

Becoming a Content Writer 

People will pay you either per word or per hour to write articles for their blog sites. The topics can vary, but if you are skilled in writing informative content, then this is for you. Another option mentioned is blog writing, this time for someone else’s blog. Content writing is taking those skills and doing it for someone else. As a freelancer, you eliminate the need to worry about the ad revenue or running of the website. 

Becoming a Virtual Assistant 

The title is self-explanatory. You have all the same responsibilities as a typical administrative assistant but can perform these duties from the comfort of your own home.

Managing an E-Commerce Store 

Online stores need managing, and you can be paid to do it. Organizing orders, keeping stock up to date, and replying to customers’ emails are all tasks that may be assigned to you. You could also run your own e-commerce store, an option we will discuss later. 

Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are among the most popular sites for freelance work. You have to start at the bottom and prove that you are trustworthy before being eligible for the best jobs. Getting through the early days is the key to getting bigger and better contracts. Put in the effort, and you can expect to make $21 per hour. On average, this is what a freelance worker is making.

Work for a Company Remotely

You don’t have to work on a self-employment basis to work from home. Most office tasks can now be completed from a laptop. Flexibility like this means that you can do your office job and make the money that comes with it, from home. Working remotely is not just another way of making some cash on the side, but a full-time career. Many companies are opting for remote workers due to the lack of office-related overhead. You don’t even have to have specialized skills.

Customer service and telephone sales can both be done from your desk at home, instead of commuting to work every day. If this piques your interest, then there are plenty of positions online. It may even be worth approaching your current boss to see if your working conditions can be changed. You might be able to slip in some of the other money-making ideas from this list on the side.  

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs will only make you a few dollars at a time but can be a great time killer while also making some extra money. They are small tasks you can do online. Responsibilities can include rating search results, spell checking, or basic translating. All these are little tasks that you can do with Netflix on in the background. The most popular micro job site is Amazons’ Mechanical Turk platform. The reported average pay per hour for working on Mturk is between $6 and $10. It’s not crazy money, but it sure can make a rainy Saturday a bit more productive while earning some money fast.

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Online Teaching

No skill is out of reach with online courses. Want to learn a language? Go online. Want to learn to cook? Go online. There are even lessons to teach you how to teach online. Of course, someone needs to teach these lessons, and that person could be you. You can earn money online by teaching: if you have the talent to share, then you can profit from it. SkillShare is just one example of an excellent site for anyone looking to pass on their abilities. There are lessons from music teachers, graphic designers, computer coders, and more. The highest-rated teachers can earn up to $3000 a month. 

You can also take your lessons and upload them to Youtube. You can become an online teacher and an influencer all in one go. Some of the biggest Youtube channels are cooking channels with regular uploads teaching new recipes. The advantage of working online comes from flexibility, and this includes online teaching opportunities. Depending on what you are teaching, you can perform your lessons from the comfort of your own home. As an alternative, you can head out for the day with your laptop and prepare your lesson on the go. Online teaching is a great way to easily share your passion and make some money while doing it. You may think you have no skills worth teaching, but, as stated, many people want to learn a new language, so if you speak a foreign language, this is a great opportunity.

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Stock Trading

Buying and selling stocks can make some serious money if you do it right. It is a business with significant risks, but there is a chance to make millions. The stock market can be a quick way to earn money, but there is more profit to be made by investing smartly and knowing to sell at the right time with a long-term strategy. Before you even start investing, you need to open a brokerage account. There are physical offices that can provide an account, but there are also online platforms. Once you have an account and some money, there are a few ways to get started on building your stock portfolio.  

How to Start Trading

You can hire a broker to manage your investment. They will charge a commission but have the experience and knowledge that someone new to the market does not. Alternatively, you can manage your investments yourself and keep more of the money. You should start slow and be prepared to take some losses. In time, you can learn the best way to invest and start bringing in some money. Keep in mind that you don’t have to invest in single pieces of stock.

Instead, you can invest in index funds (a collection of stock belonging to several companies). These are a great way to diversify and give your portfolio a boost. You do need capital to get started, but stocks can be a significantly rewarding long-term investment and can set you up for the future. Another option for making money on the market is day trading. This is the term used for buying shares and selling them all in one trading day. Most people believe it is better to make longer-term investments to maximize profit, but day trading can be an option to make some money fast.

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Bitcoins used to be a great way to earn money with a single coin worth up to $13,000 in late 2017. That was until 2018 when the market crashed. Luckily the market has been steadily on the rise since then, so now could be a great time to get into the cryptocurrency market. Do be cautious, though, as another drop in the future is expected. Bitcoins are a risky investment, but smart trading can make you a lot of money. For this reason, bitcoins are comparable to shares: their value can rise and fall, so knowing when to sell is critical. Unlike stocks, they can also be used to buy and sell goods from retailers that accept them. 

There are a few ways to get your hands on these coins:


Mining is the process of verifying other people’s transactions. You do this using a bitcoin mining rig (a powerful computer) to decrypt the transaction code. Cracking this code will reward you with bitcoins, which you can cash out later on.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

To earn money with peer-to-peer lending, you will need to have already accumulated some coins. You can loan your coins to someone. After an agreed period, they will pay you back with interest. Peer-to-peer lending can be risky, as cryptocurrency is neither regulated nor protected by banks. You can also lend cash with peer-to-peer lending if you don’t fancy investing in bitcoins.

Buying and Selling on the Exchange 

As stated above, bitcoins share similarities with stocks. They can even be bought and traded on the stock exchange. As with stocks, you should prepare for financial risk. Selling your coins too early means you miss out on a significant profit. If you wait to sell too late, you can end up with a lot of money lost. When this article was written at the end of August, a single bitcoin was worth $9,491.17. On the 6th of August, a coin was worth over $12,000. A shift like this in three weeks goes to show how much the market can change.

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eBay, Amazon, and similar sites make it possible to sell goods without the need for a physical store. You can sell almost anything, including electronics, clothing, or even services. Before beginning to sell, however, be sure and check the terms and conditions of the website you are using for trading, to be sure the site is suitable for your business. Like with a physical store, you need to build up your brand. Having excellent customer service, along with offering high-quality products for the right price, will leave you with a nice profit. It might even be worth reaching out to one of those social media influencers to push your brand. 

E-commerce can be done from your own home, so you don’t have to spend on additional costs like rent on a physical store. You may still need storage space, though, so that should still factor that into your expenses. If you want to have more control of your business, you can avoid listing sites and make your own online store. There are plenty of easy to use website creators such as Squarespace, who will host your site, and you can tailor it to look how you want. As with blog writing, you can also use Google’s AdSense to bring in some extra cash. An e-commerce store is an excellent way of becoming your own boss.

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Selling Arts and Crafts

If you are the creative type with a passion for hand-making products, then Etsy can be a great way of turning your hobby into a business. eBay is also a good place for selling handmade goods, but Etsy specializes in that field. The same rules from general e-commerce apply: To be successful, you need to sell a unique product and have excellent customer service skills. You could make jewelry, house decorations, clothing, or something as simple as celebration cards. How much you earn can vary depending on your product, but this can be a great way of turning something you enjoy into a money-making venture. That’s the dream, isn’t it? 


Dropshipping is very similar to running an e-commerce business. You list the products on your store’s website, you build a reputation, and then you make a profit from selling those products. The critical difference is that you do not have to worry about storing or shipping items. A drop shipping company holds all of the stock, and then when you make a sale via your store, you send the details to the company’s website, and they process the order. You do have to pay the postage and the wholesale cost of the products, which you can factor into your sales price. 

Dropshipping is great for those with limited space, but still suitable for people who want to run their store. You can again run your store from an e-commerce site like eBay, or open your own online web page to make sales. Once everything is set up, this can be a very hands-off way of making money. Listing the items available takes time, but after that, you can simply check your laptop every afternoon and process the orders that have come through.

Website Testing

Websites do not end up in their working state right away. It can take months of quality testing to ensure the interface works as intended, while also being comfortable for the user. You can be an essential part of this process by becoming a website tester. It may not be a career, but it can help with bringing in some extra cash.

A developer can ask you to go to their web page and then give them your thoughts. Is the site easy to navigate? Is the registration process too complicated? Does the content make sense? These are all questions that need answering, and you don’t have to be a professional. Developers want their target audience to be comfortable with their site. So, as long as you fit into the same demographic that they’re targeting, you are qualified. You can expect to receive between $5 and $15 per test, though it is possible to make more.

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Search Engine Evaluator

Have you ever googled something and got a result that was nowhere close to what you needed? You can stop that from happening by becoming a search engine evaluator. It is your job to ensure that the search results from a search engine are accurate and relevant. You check these factors and others before reporting your feedback. Knowledge of current events and internet use as a whole, while also having excellent communication skills, will come as an advantage.

Completing Surveys

Companies need feedback or just general information on their target market. One of the best ways to do that is by issuing surveys. It could be feedback on a singular product, about a website like discussed above, or even on your political views. It all depends on what information they require at the time. If you are happy to share this information, then you can be paid for it. All you need to do is sign up to sites like Swagbucks or survey junkie, for example.

Doing this is free, and websites that ask you to pay to sign up probably aren’t legitimate. You will need to give them some personal information such as age and location, and then you will be sent surveys to fill out. Reviews can be a great way to make extra cash, but it won’t lead to millions. You may not even be sent surveys to fill out straight away. Just be sure that any money you do make is transferred out of the websites’ account as soon as it is available to avoid losing it.

Online Cashback Rebates

Have you ever wondered how to make money while spending money? Well, you can with cashback for your online purchases. Crazy right? Well, Ibotta is one such free app that does just that. With the app, you can view a list of products that you may be interested in purchasing. You select your chosen product and then are given a task – complete a survey, watch a short video, or comment on the product are all examples of what may be required.

Upon completing the task, you are eligible for a cashback reward. You can then purchase your item from a supported store. From there you must provide proof of purchase with a photo of the receipt, or through some other available method, and then the Ibotta app will credit your account. Your account must hold greater than $20 before you can send the cash to your PayPal or Venmo account. When you get these rebates, you are effectively getting paid for shopping, which is excellent. You won’t get rich, but a bit of extra money has never been a bad thing.

How to Make Money

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Cashback Credit Card

Another way to earn cashback is with your credit card. Cashback credit cards are designed to reward you, the customer, every time you make a purchase. You can receive a percentage of your purchase, which you can then get deposited into your card account. What you can buy and how much cash back you earn will depend on your card, so you should check multiple providers to ensure you get a card that will give you the best return. Just remember that you are committing to a credit card, though, and signing up for any credit card means that you need to pay back the card issuer according to their terms, or you could find yourself with debt.

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Opening a Savings Account

If there was a way to turn the savings under your mattress into extra money, would you do it? Well, you should, and a high-yield savings account is a great place to do so. You put your money into a savings account with a bank, and it earns interest. Even if you have a savings bank account already, it is worth looking for a better one. Most physical banks offer low-interest rates, but you can get a much better return using an online bank. You don’t have to look far to compare deals.

Check out some of the best savings accounts of 2019. Opening a savings account could also appear on a “how to save money” list rather than a “how to make money” list. There is no reason for you not to do both though because a savings account can be an excellent way for a penny hoarder to increase their savings without having to do anything.

Become a Photographer

You may like taking a few good photos now and again. Did you ever wonder how to make money with your talent? Well, you can earn extra cash by becoming a stock photographer. Stock photos are those that you see on websites, and all photo subjects are needed. You can take your photos and sell them on to a stock photo company like Shutterstock, and then get royalties every time your photos become licensed to consumers.

Photography can be a career, but to make a lot of money you will need more than just an iPhone. That’s because you will be competing with professionals, so you need the right equipment for those perfect pictures. If you are particularly talented with a camera, then you may also be able to sell photos from your own website. You may not be interested in becoming a photographer, but you can help others by renting out your property for a photo shoot, which is just another way to make some cash. That leads us to the next money-making opportunity.

Renting Your Property

As mentioned above, if you have a particularly exciting or extravagant home, then it may be worth your time trying to rent it out to aspiring photographers. 

If your home does not quite meet the definition of photoshoot material, then don’t worry as there are other ways to earn money with real estate. Renting a property out can make you long term money though you also need a place to live yourself. If you have more than one home then lucky you but what if you just have a spare room? Well, even this can be used to bring in some extra money. You can advertise an empty room for long-term rent on a site like Spare Room, which helps connect potential lodgers with people who have an additional room. Renting can be a great way of making use of space. You do need to ensure you have the correct insurance for this money-making opportunity, though, as you will have strangers in your property.

Don’t Want Someone Living in Your House 24/7?

Alternatively, you may not like the idea of someone continually living in your home. If this is the case, then Airbnb will be a better option for you. Airbnb also comes with insurance coverage for the rental period, which is a bonus. You can rent out that same spare room to travelers, instead of long-term renters. They can book the place for a few nights, and you get paid for it. It is like a hotel, so a particular standard needs to be met if you are looking to get the best reviews. Better reviews mean more guests, and more guests mean more money for you. Some Airbnb hosts have multiple properties that they use only for their guests. It can be an excellent second income with minimal effort once everything is set up.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding

Many people dream of investing in real estate and turning a profit, but you usually will need a large amount of savings to make this a reality. An alternative to that huge savings account is real estate crowdfunding. You may have heard of crowdfunding before. Lots of people get together to fund an invention, a movie, or in this case a real estate purchase. A developer or business can put together a plan to purchase a property, and then source the funds for their project from lots of individual investors.

An investment of this type can be excellent if you don’t have the funds to invest in real estate on your own. Real estate purchased this way can be made up of commercial buildings, an apartment complex, or any form of property. Doing so can be a great way to earn a passive income, just like renting your property. What is even better is that you can start making money with only a small investment. As with any investment opportunity, you should research both the crowdfunding platform, the developer, and the real estate being purchased to ensure it is not a scam. 

Giving People a Ride

The internet has changed entire industries. Now, with companies like Uber or Lyft, even travel has changed. All you need to become a driver for Uber is a modern car, a smartphone, and people skills. You are more likely to be accepted by Uber if you don’t have a criminal record, however. That’s because the company wants to ensure its passengers are safe.


Uber has become very popular among consumers due to the lower costs when compared to a traditional taxi. To get work, all you have to do is turn your app on. Provided you are in the right are with a good driver rating, you only have to wait for someone to request a ride. You then pick up your customer, drive to the drop-off point, and then get paid. Uber uses a star rating for both passengers and drivers. Being a better host, if you like, will get you a higher driver score, which in turn will give you more ride options. Uber advertises the possibility to earn $25 per hour, but this can vary depending on multiple conditions –your state, city, and even the time of day can change how much you will get paid. 


Lyft operates similarly, with reported pay not being that different. A great thing to know is that you still work for yourself. Because you are self-employed, this means that you can run both the uber and Lyft apps at the same time, which gives you access to a more extensive customer base. More customers equal more money.

Uber Eats

Uber offers more than one way to earn money with their company. Instead of passengers, you can transport food, and this might be preferable if you enjoy driving but want to avoid the late-night party goers. Food pickup orders are sent to your phone, and you can choose which job is best suited to you. Pay works similar to the standard Uber. You receive payment per trip with tips optional for the customer.  

House Sitting/Pet Sitting

Some people want extra security for when they are away from home. You can step in as a house sitter and provide that security. Sure, you’ll have to work from someone else’s home, but you can keep an eye on their house while doing other things on this list to make even more money. You could even land a cushy job watching someone’s home with a beautiful view and a pool. Imagine doing some freelance work sitting by the pool instead of that dreary home office. It’s a win-win situation. Add a pet to the mix, and you can receive even more money for taking care of both the animal and the house. The pet will need some of your attention, but taking care of it can still leave enough time to finish that content for your blog. 

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If you think of babysitting, you may think of it as a primary way for students to earn money. That doesn’t have to be the case, though the responsibility will hinder your ability to do other work at the same time. If you find yourself with some evenings free, then this can be a great way to make a bit of extra cash. If you love kids, then that is a bonus.

The average rate for a baby sitter is about $16 an hour, though you can expect more if there are multiple children involved. Being certified will help you get many more clients, though you will have to attend some courses and pay the relevant course fees. However, getting your certification makes you seem more trustworthy to potential customers.

You don’t have to be restricted to other people’s homes, either. You can run a daycare from your own home. Lastly, you are also helping out parents who need a break, so that’s nice as well.

Have a Clear-Out

The final addition to the list of ways on how to make money may be the easiest money-making technique of all. There is no need for specific skills, and you can see to your clear-out at your convenience. It is also an excellent opportunity to make some money fast. Despite that, many people are missing out on money that is sitting there. Do you have a shelf full of books that you have already read? Perhaps your wardrobe is full of clothes you brought for a special occasion and then never wore again. Second-hand furniture, electronics, and everything else you don’t need can be worth some money.

Clearing out the things you don’t use can bring you a bit of extra cash, which you can then use to pay for new items. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. eBay and Amazon are good places to start, as well as Craigslist for those who’d rather stay local. You can even sell on Facebook. In addition to money, you will also get some extra space, which is just another bonus. You may not want to go through the trouble of listing your items for sale. If so, that is fine because there are sites that will buy specific things from you in return for cash. These sites usually specialize in electronics, though. As an example, gazelle will give you $145 for a good quality iPhone 5.

Money for Everyone

Everyone’s reasons for finding new ways to earn money can be different. You may need a bit of extra cash to make life easier. There might be a vacation coming up, so you are happy to put in the spare time to get some savings together. You could also be looking to become your own boss by running your own business, working on your terms, and not taking orders. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to earn money. The popularity of mobile apps has made the process portable and easier to use than ever.  

Do you have any secret money-making ideas? Have you tried any of the above methods for making money? Which method did you try, and what was your experience?

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