Government Free Money? It Exists and It’s Waiting for You


Did you know that the federal government gives away over a billion dollars every day? We are talking about money that you can get and never have to pay back! It sounds too good to be true, but the simple fact is that everyone can benefit from this free cash. We are here to let you know precisely how and where you can find federal financial assistance, absolutely free! 

First Things First: What is Free Government Money?

Free Government money is a form of assistance that the federal government gives in a variety of ways. It can come as:

  • Grants
  • Welfare 
  • Financial aid

Let’s get one thing clear: the money isn’t technically free. Funding comes from various sources, your taxes being one of them. Low-income families gain the most from these programs, which give them much-needed assistance in staying above the poverty line. If you are struggling to make the monthly payments on your utility bills, rent, food, or health insurance premiums, government free money can be a lifesaver. Check the eligibility requirements to find out if you qualify. Individuals with special needs may be eligible for federal assistance, as well. We will get to that later.

Assistance for Low-Income Households

It is a sad fact that millions of U.S. citizens live near or below the poverty line, though the United States has one of the strongest economies in the world. The federal government thus has substantial resources . to help people of lower means. There are different sorts of federal funding that assist people who need financial assistance to stay afloat. This help comes in the form of housing, energy, food, and healthcare assistance. If you think you might qualify, keep reading to find out how to access resources. 

The Public Housing Act

Low-income households gain access to affordable, safe housing under the Public Housing Act. The federal government developed the Section 8 housing assistance program because housing costs are among the most significant expenses families across the country have. You don’t get cash. Assistance comes as vouchers that you can then use to pay for housing in designated communities. Section 8 Housing is a way out of public housing complexes that are often outdated, not well-maintained, and insufficiently policed. If you are looking for a safer, better-kept place to live, this may be an option. 

The only requirement is that the landlord at the property you’re considering is willing to accept federal vouchers. You should turn to your local Public Housing Agency (PHA) to learn more about the application process. Discovering whether you are eligible for housing assistance is not a complicated process. Remember that the people you talk to are not merely federal workers. Most of them genuinely want to help you. 

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Energy Grants for Low-Income Families

Let’s face it, next to rent your most significant monthly expense is paying the power bills. This can be a particularly harsh problem for low-income families who live in states with colder climates. 

The federal government has a solution for you. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offers assistance with power bills based on the size of the household and the family income (see the website for a table of qualifying levels). Local authorities distribute the funds depending on the population and weather in your area. You can qualify either for full coverage of your energy bills, or a partial one. Like Section 8 Housing assistance, you will not receive cash. The federal government contributes the monthly payments directly to your utility provider. 

Nutritional Assistance

Recent statistics show that an alarming number of children and adults in the United States do not have access to quality food. For those who cannot afford food, the FNS (Food and Nutrition Service) steps in to provide a wide range of assistance programs such as:

  • Summer food service
  • School meals program
  • Supplemental nutritional assistance

The FNS aims, as its mission, to fight child hunger, to address malnutrition at a broader level, and to combat obesity. The FNS works with a wide range of non-profit organizations to achieve its goals. 

Income eligibility for food assistance is based on household size and income. You can check with your local welfare office for more specific local eligibility information. The government workers there will tell you which grocery stores work with them in the program. Goods you can purchase with the money you get include canned and frozen foods, fresh produce, dairy, meat, baked goods, rice, pasta, and healthy beverages. If you are a member of a low-income household, you will find a wealth of information and assistance through the FNS. 


Whether you are an adult in need of a doctor’s care or you seek medical assistance for your children, the rising cost of healthcare can be prohibitive in getting you and your loved ones the attention they need. Healthcare Assistance is one of the most valuable (and sometimes literally lifesaving) forms of aid the government offers.

Universal health insurance for children is one of the federal government’s most important and beneficial programs. Health insurance premiums are a rather significant expense for every household. People of lower means struggle to get adequate coverage for the care and medicines they need.

The universal children’s health insurance program is the state’s way of ensuring that children receive proper healthcare regardless of the family’s ability to pay. It covers hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, and drugs almost entirely. Children in a family of four whose household income is less than $49,200 may be considered for coverage.

Each state governs specific eligibility, so be sure to check out your state’s criteria. As an adult, you can qualify for assistance with your medical insurance, as well. That’s what the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) is designed to offer. The basic idea is that you use the federal government’s platform to purchase low-cost medical insurance. Alternatively, if you meet basic eligibility requirements, the federal Medicaid program provides coverage for you.

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Unclaimed Money is a Real Thing

The billions of dollars that pile up each year as unclaimed funds vary in type from security deposits and unclaimed checks to cash in bank accounts. You may not even know that you are eligible for access to such funds. 

How could that happen? Remember, for example, the last apartment that you rented? Did you pay a security deposit to the utility provider? Fast forward several years. Did you get your money back when you decided to move out? 

That’s what we are talking about here. We live in a world where various fees, deposits, and taxes are a part of our existence. It is a life full of hassle and stress, and often we forget to reclaim that money. Many don’t read the fine print listed below the contracts they sign and don’t even know they have the right to this cash. 

Fortunately, the federal government is looking after your interests. There is an easy way to check if you are the owner of unclaimed funds. Fill in your information, and the platform will tell you where you should get your money from, and how much it is.

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You May Have a Tax Refund Check Waiting for You

Federal authorities are funded through the taxes U.S. citizens pay each year, and sometimes you pay more than you owe. The IRS has to return this extra money to you in the form of a tax refund. Unfortunately, in some cases, that does not occur. If you are eligible for a tax refund, you should receive the check in the mail. The problem is that IRS will mail you the check to your last known address. If you’ve moved but failed to notify the relevant authorities, the check comes back to them. To find out if this has happened to you, contact the IRS office in your area. 

Another scenario in which people don’t receive the tax refund they’re owed is when they don’t fill out the necessary forms. The IRS has no way of knowing they owe you money. It is your responsibility to inform them about the situation. No one is going to give you money if you don’t ask for it first. 

You may also not be aware that you can take advantage of tax credits that may result in a lowered tax rate and thus, a refund. You need to check whether this situation applies to you. The money you save in this way will contribute significantly to the financial stability of your household. Remember, this is your money we are talking about here. 

Government Free Money

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A Government Loan is a Type of Free Money, Too

While your obligation to return the money you borrow is part of the definition of a loan, not every loan is structured the same. Financial institutions such as banks and other lenders require high-interest rates that make paying back the cash a bit hard. The government, on the other hand, offers loan terms that help you keep more money in your pocket where it belongs. 

Imagine that you have a brilliant idea for a small business. The funding is lacking, though. You can go to a bank and fill out an application form for various business loans. Each loan application you make has the potential to damage your credit score. You have no guarantee the bank will believe in your business as much as you do. 

That’s what the Small Business Administration is for. This government agency has one purpose – to make sure that potential start-ups in the United States get adequate funding through low-interest loans. The Small Business Development Administration is much more likely to approve your application for a loan than any bank. You will get flexible repayment choices and adequate time to pay back your loan. That’s on top of the guarantee that your business will have the funding necessary to operate until it is financially self-sufficient. Note that special target groups, such as the Women’s Business Centers exist too, which give business loans to specific groups. 

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Business Owners Are Not the Only People Who Stand to Benefit from Federal Loan Programs

Because one of the U.S. Government’s top priorities is education, federally funded grants, scholarships, and student loan programs abound. The federal government funds many student loans in this country, amounting to billions of dollars every year. These low-interest loans aim to be as affordable as possible. 

Members of low-income households stand to earn the most from financial assistance for education. Have you ever heard of Pell Grants for example? These grants focus on people who have trouble paying for college. Pell Grants help them to pay for tuition, books, and accommodations. Check if you are eligible today. 

Student loan forgiveness is another means of keeping cash in your pocket. The idea behind this financial aid program is simple. One means by which your loan can be forgiven is if you have made contributions toward your student loan for some time and met certain requirements. In such a case, the lender may forgive payment on the full amount. You can also apply for specific programs, such as public works or teacher initiatives, that will dismiss your debt upon completion of the program. Why be straddled with years of debt after graduation when you might be able to cancel that debt. It is easy to check if you meet the eligibility requirements for student loan forgiveness.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the First Place to Go

If you want to go to college and need financial assistance, the federal government offers this very intuitive online platform to help you get the money you need. There are many different types of grants and low-interest student loans that you can make use of through the government. FAFSA has one purpose – to help you find the financial assistance that fits your requirements perfectly. The application process is free. You can always contact the local branch of FAFSA if you find it hard to understand something on the website. 

You should fill out the application form regardless of your family’s current income. Both high and low-income families may qualify for assistance in covering tuition fees. The purpose of the Free Application for Federal student aid is to help you find out what program is best for you. 

Welfare Is One of the Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century

There is no need to tell you that the financial strain of unemployment can be unbearable. If you have lost your job recently, don’t panic. The federal government has money set aside for you. Filing for unemployment benefits is easier than you think, and the system will protect you from falling below the poverty line until you get back on your feet. 

You will need to apply with the U.S. Department of Labor. Remember, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Like all free cash the federal government gives away, this is assistance you’ve been paying toward your entire career. Getting such a form of support means you will not fall neck-deep in credit card debt or worse. You will have the room to breathe and figure out your next step to becoming financially stable.

Government Free Money

Financial Assistance for People of Particular Circumstances

Benefits are not only for members of low-income communities or for the unemployed. Other groups with special circumstances can also obtain federal assistance. If you think your circumstances might qualify you for government aid, be sure to do some research. We have provided information on some of the more common special needs circumstances below.

Veteran Benefits

The United States is a country that is traditionally proud of its military. It is a part of the American culture to support its vets. That is why if you’ve been in the service, you can receive several benefits. They come in the form of financial assistance for medical care and housing but may vary significantly according to your circumstances. The Department of Veteran Affairs dedicates its time and resources to helping its servicemen and women get the assistance they’ve earned by serving their country. Don’t miss your chance to get benefits if you are a veteran.

Senior Citizens Are Not Overlooked

Social security emerged after the Great Depression, with the sole purpose of protecting citizens from the harsh economic realities of the time. It grew up to be one of the pillars of our society. It pays for unemployment benefits and pensions too. Senior citizens have the right to access free government money under the law. There are well over 2,500 government benefits programs that cater exclusively to mature members of society. You may very well be eligible for some cash from those. How can you check it? There is an exclusive website that does precisely this. It is quite easy to fill out your information and press the “Search” button. The platform will tell you what programs you are eligible for are.

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Since We’ve Mentioned Pensions

Have you ever worked for a company that went out of business? Did you have a pension plan there? If that is your case, you have money to receive. If you’ve forgotten all about your old pension plan, maybe now is the time to see what happened to it. The sum can be quite substantial. Whenever billions of dollars are at play, you can count on the fact that the federal government has a website dealing with the matter. The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation is the place to go if you suspect you have the right to the money in your old pension plan. 

We’d Like to Issue a Warning

The promise of free money you never have to pay back is quite appealing. There’s no denying this simple fact. It is not surprising at all that there are people who are willing to exploit these fantastic opportunities the government gives to its citizens. There are websites, books, and whole communities that are dedicated to (supposedly) teaching people how to exploit the system. 

Please, don’t be one of those individuals who fall prey to the promise of easy money. These are more often scams. All the information that you need to gain access to federal money is freely available on government websites and in the offices of the relevant agencies. You will not learn anything new in the book of a self-proclaimed guru, who is just looking for their way to earn a quick buck. Flashy titles and big promises are the warning signs of a scam. Avoid those at all costs. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, the free money the government has available is substantial. It would be foolish of you not to pursue the chance to improve your financial standing through free government money. Some say that living through financial hardships is good for the character. Those are usually people who have long overcome such problems. Now, thanks to the free cash the government is giving you, you can join this elite club. Don’t forget, if you have anything to ask about government free money, tell us in the comments. We would be happy to help you get the financial aid you deserve!

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