A Peek Into Today’s Gadgets: How Useful Are They?


Technology and modern life go side by side. Innovations and inventions have not only simplified our lives and everyday activities, but their effects extend far beyond. Application of tech gadgets in the medical field, education, environmental science, and other fields has facilitated human development. 

The Importance of Gadgets

With advancing technology, human beings have opportunities to improve the quality of their everyday lives by using various gadgets. You use gadgets from the moment you wake up in the morning with a wake-up light alarm clock, for example, and right until the moment, you go back to bed. You use gadgets at work to increase performance and productivity. You rarely go on vacation without your camera. You never leave home without your smartphone. We use gadgets when exercising, studying, relaxing, and more. There is a gadget for every activity you can think of.

It is evident that gadgets, also known as gizmos, play a significant role in our lives. We have grown entirely accustomed to advanced electronic and tech gadgets. Luckily, they benefit us in many ways and make our lives easier and more comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about why gadgets are useful, their advantages and disadvantages, and their importance for human beings. We have also included a list of the coolest devices that could be very useful in everyday life.

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What is a Gadget?

A gadget is a small tech object with a specific function that is considered a novelty. Gadgets are unusual, and their original designs tend to be more fun than technological devices or appliances that existed at the time of their invention. Gadgets are small mechanical or electronic tools that are also called gizmos. 

So, what falls into the gizmo category? Is any device that comes with a remote control considered a gadget? It is any electronic or mechanical device you use every day that makes your life easy. You have smart cell phones, smartwatches, medical gadgets, fitness trackers, and VR gadgets.

Benefits of Gadgets

Using gadgets increases efficiency and makes your life a lot easier. There are many benefits of gadgets and their availability, and some of them include the following:

Enhanced Communication

Gadgets enable you to keep in touch with your loved ones. Texting (written communication) and video calls (visual communication) via smartphones keep you connected with your friends and family, no matter how far away they live. Access to social media has also improved communication. It makes long-distance relationships easy to maintain. Internet calling and webcams simplify your jobs and allow people to work from home. Many businesses have also started to use gadgets to enhance staff productivity and motivation.

Gadgets Are Portable

Gadgets are small and easy to carry and move. No matter where you go, you can take them with you and have them ready to serve their purpose. For example, if you are taking a vacation with family or traveling abroad for business purposes, you can take your favorite Ember smart ceramic mug with you. With this gadget, your beverages will always be at the perfect temperature.

Gadgets Don’t Take Up Much Space

Things don’t have to be big to be good. Some of the best things come in small packages, and gadgets are no exception. Today’s gadgets and gizmos are space-saving, which makes them ideal for people who live in studio apartments or who prefer a minimalist lifestyle. With technology advancements in the cable-free era, you have more options when placing gadgets in a position that conserves more space. Instead of having a wired telephone, some smartphones fit in any small pocket. Also, did you know that the first computer was as big as a room? Today, we have computers in our watches, like the Apple Watch.

Gadgets Improve Efficiency 

Delivering a message from one person to another was a hassle 150 years ago. Letters, pigeons, or runners used to be the only means of communication. Then the telephone was invented, and things became a bit easier. However, the internet era revolutionized the world and made communication more efficient. Today, you can find numerous small devices and an abundance of apps designed for easy communication. Besides improving efficiency in communication, gadgets help you save time when completing everyday chores at home or performing tasks in the workplace.

Gadgets Are Entertaining

Gadgets are a huge source of fun and entertainment. You can relax and have fun watching movies on DVD players or play YouTube videos on your tablet. You can also listen to music on your iPod and play video games with your friends. Kids also like to have fun on tablets and smartphones, using amusing and colorful mobile applications. As long as parents monitor and restrict the usage only to educational purposes like puzzles and quiz tasks, gadgets can be both entertaining and useful. 

Downsides of Gadgets

Gadgets’ importance for human beings is immense. However, in addition to numerous benefits, gadgets also have their drawbacks. Some of them include:

Health Issues

If not used correctly and moderately, gadgets could cause some severe health issues. Some studies showed an increase in the risk of cancer in people who spend a lot of time on their cell phones. Other dangers of using gadgets include headaches, backache, sleeping disorders, blurred vision (computer vision syndrome), and heart conditions.

Moreover, gadget overuse causes addiction. People might get easily addicted to their gadgets to the point where they cannot function properly without them. According to research, heavy users tap their phones 5,427 times a day.

Environmental Effects 

E-waste is an emerging problem. While many electronic gadgets can be recycled, only 12% are in the United States, according to the EPA. E-waste management is a global problem because gadgets and other electronic devices have a short usage life. On average, consumer electronics last for three years before users replace them with new ones.

Loss of Concentration and Imagination

Electronic gadgets have a negative influence on creativity and concentration among children and teenagers. They depend on gadgets to perform even the simplest tasks. People don’t need to use imagination or creativity when they rely on gadgets to do it for them. When some users have their electronic devices switched on, they can hardly pay attention to anything else.

Gadgets Are Pricey

Gadgets usually come with hefty prices, and they are getting more expensive. While some new models are costly to launch, others do not have significant upgrades but minor modifications. Perhaps you should check specifications before wasting money on purchasing a new model. For example, do you need a $6,699 MacBook Pro (2019) when you can get a basic Apple laptop model for less money?

Unless you are wealthy or have a high income, the only way to buy the latest gadgets is to borrow from the bank. That decision will get you into debt. Is that really necessary?

Some Gadgets Are Unnecessary

Think twice before wasting money on gadgets you don’t need or understand. Before you make an impulse purchase, think about what benefits a specific gadget will bring to your everyday life. If they are a complete waste of your money, time, and space, you don’t need them.

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The Significance of Gadgets in Medicine

As more and more useful gadgets enter your everyday life, you have access to more comprehensive ways of monitoring your health. For example, you can easily track your mental health by installing the Headspace app. You can also track your fitness routine and activity with the Google Fit app. It is free, and you can integrate it with Android Wear.

Why Gadgets Are Useful


Advanced medical gadgets play a vital role in your life. Wearables, for instance, enable patients to monitor their health in their homes. They also educate and motivate people to take control of their health. Wearables help you track your vitals for any signs of diabetes, breathing problems, heart problems, or UTI (urinary tract infection). You can measure your blood pressure or sugar level in the comfort of your home, without taking a long trip to the hospital or medical center. Wearables can also notify your healthcare provider should any medical issues arise. They give physicians valuable data when making a diagnosis or tracking a chronic disease. This characteristic alone could help reduce the number of people hospitalized each year.

The application of the latest technology in medicine is another method to combine traditional and modern approaches to patient care. The following gadgets are real lifesavers for improving human lives and providing the best medical care:

EarlySense Proactive Patient Care

A patient monitoring system from EarlySense allows medical staff to have insight into a patient’s vital signs without being in the same room. The system records a patient’s heart rate, as well as respiratory and movement parameters. It also alerts the nursing staff about significant changes in conditions, for example, if the patient needs turning to prevent pressure ulcers or has left the bed. Physicians and medical staff monitor patients’ data on monitors or handheld devices, ensuring timely care. The FDA-approved EarlySense system reduces the time needed for doctors to respond. This gadget has the potential to save people’s lives in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers all over the world.

iHealth’s Wireless Smart Glucometer

The iHealth gluco-monitoring system is a wireless and portable gadget that measures glucose levels in the blood and then sends results to your smartphone. This glucometer is FDA-approved, with a modern design compatible with Apple devices. It allows you to track your measurements and send them to your healthcare provider. 

Nima’s Portable Gluten Tester

With awards for innovation, Nima is the world’s first portable sensor that detects gluten in food. This compact sensor allows you to test pizzas, soups, cereals, and other food for gluten. You put a small amount of food into a test capsule and place it into a device. After a few minutes, you will have your results. You can carry a tester with you wherever you go and test if the food you order in a restaurant is really gluten-free. This smart device is a lifesaver. It is ideal for people with gluten-sensitive enteropathy (celiac disease) or gluten allergies. 

Using Gadgets in the Classroom

Gadgets play a crucial role in education and represent an essential aspect of learning in schools. Using tech gadgets in the classroom, however, has its pros and cons. On the one hand, electronic devices can significantly improve the learning experience. Gadgets create an exciting educational atmosphere, allowing students to learn through images, videos, and other graphic lessons. Interactive learning through technology has now become an integral part of their lives. On the other hand, research shows that the presence of technology and gadgets in the classroom can be distracting.

Children Are Naturals

However, children today are digital natives. They interact with tech tools all the time and consume information through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers. That makes it impossible to avoid using technology in the classroom, especially when the benefits of gadgets in teaching and learning can be plentiful. Teachers are no longer limited to using chalk and blackboard when giving presentations. Today, they use wireless presenters with laser pointers and can move around the classroom to operate with them. Other gadgets available to students and teachers are portable digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital sketching tools, and portable audio speakers.

Using gadgets in schools has numerous benefits:

  • Students learn at their own pace, which makes them more independent
  • There are no learning limitations; children from low-income families get access to resources they need
  • Technology helps students learn faster, and helps them stay focused and motivated
  • Multiple resources for teaching material help meet different learning needs

Technology has become a part of every aspect of our lives. As society is becoming more tech advanced, the education system needs to keep up to prepare students for the future.

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Top Coolest Tech Gadgets

Anker PowerCore 10,000mAh Power Bank

The PowerCore from Anker is a small and light portable charger that charges your phones and tablets quickly and safely. The power bank’s 10,000mAh battery can charge your smartphone over three times, and your tablet once.

Thanks to Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology that ensures fast charging, you won’t have to wait too long to recharge your gadgets. The company also uses first-class chips and hardware. 

RAVPower Luster Mini Portable Charger

The RAVPower Luster Mini 3350mAh is a small but powerful power bank you can carry in your pocket. It gives your portable tech gadgets a power boost when you need it. Its 3,350mAh battery provides up to one extra charge for most smartphones, including HTC, iPhone, Lumia, and Galaxy. The Battery Pack from Luster uses iSmart technology for an optimal charging experience.

TaoTronics Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless earphones from TaoTronics are competitively priced and offer excellent wireless performance. A long battery life, easy Bluetooth pairing and connectivity, and an affordable price are some of the reasons this cool gadget from TaoTronics is so popular.

These wireless in-ear headphones offer up to five hours of playtime on a single charge. The package also comes with a charging case that delivers an extra five charges for up to 36 hours of playtime.

iRobot Roomba i7+

The iRobot Roomba i7+ is a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans up after itself. It automatically empties itself into a disposable bin within the charging station. You only need to empty the tray every three months. It has an improved suction performance, picking up dirt, dust, pet hair, and harmful allergens.

iAdapt technology and smart mapping map floor plans for optimal coverage. You can control which areas you want to clean and which rooms the robot needs to avoid. 

Mophie Juice Pack Access

Mophie’s Juice Pack Access is a portable charging case for Apple iPhones that gives you extra battery power when needed. It gives you full access to the Lightning port, so you can take calls, listen to music, and charge your phone at the same time. You can recharge the battery case by plugging the charging cable into the USB-C port or by connecting it to any Qi wireless charging pad. It is compatible with Xs/X, Xs Max, and XR iPhones.

Amazfit Bip Bluetooth Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bip smartwatch is a smart tech gadget with multiple astonishing features. It syncs with your iOS and Android mobile device and then sends notifications for messages, emails, and calls to your watch. It has a long battery life that can run up to 30 days on a single charge. It also features GPS, a barometer, a heart rate sensor, a compass, a sports tracker, a sleep tracker, and more. A reflective color touch display is always on. The Bip is light and comfortable to wear every day.

Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

The Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light from Philips is a simulated sunrise and sunset alarm clock that helps you fall asleep fast and wake up rested. With a natural simulation that starts with bright red and gradually turns into bright yellow, this alarm clock wakes you up slowly. You can also wake to nature sounds or a radio. 

The device has sensors that measure room temperature, humidity levels, and light. It then makes suggestions on what to adjust to ensure a better night’s sleep.

Waverly Ambassador Translator

Waverly Labs’ Ambassador is a great gadget and translation tool that allows you to have a smooth conversation with people who speak different languages. With this smart device, there are no language barriers. It translates into dozens of languages right on the spot. It has three translation modes. First, it listens and translates the speech. Second, it converts your speech and streams for your audience through the audio system. And third, you can have a conversation in your native language with another person by sharing one of the device’s units.

The device is compatible with the free iOS and Android app, and it has a six-hour battery life.

Why Gadgets Are Useful

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4

The Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon is one of the best e-book readers on the market. Its light and thin design is waterproof, and you can carry it with you at the beach or by the pool. A great feature of this e-reader is that a single battery charge can last for weeks. You also have an option to listen to your story. Just pair it with Bluetooth wireless headphones, and you are all set. You can read in the comfort of your home or outdoors, day or night, thanks to the adjustable light. 

Amir Wide Angle Camera Lenses

If you love photography, but your smartphone camera gets in your way, you will find Amir Wide Angle Camera Lenses quite useful. Cell phone lenses offer a camera-like experience. The easy clip-on design is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones. And best of all, the gadget is water-resistant. The kit includes a 0.45X Wide Angle camera lens and a 15X macro camera lens.

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How Are You Using Gadgets?

We would like to hear from you. Are gadgets an essential part of your everyday life? Do you consider yourself dependent on your tech devices? Are there any other useful gadgets you think should be on our list? Please, let us know in the comments!


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