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Oprah Winfrey certainly needs no introduction. We have come to know and love her as a television talk show host, media mogul, icon, and more. But how did she get there? And where is she now?

Brief History of a Legend

Born in 1954, Oprah was raised in rural Mississippi by a single teenage mother on government welfare. While still in high school, she landed a radio job co-hosting the local evening news. At the age of 29, Winfrey turned around the ratings for WLS-TV’s morning talk show. 

Since then, she has become one of the most famous, most influential, and wealthiest women in the world. At the age of 32, Winfrey became a millionaire on account of her talk show, the Oprah Winfrey Show. After negotiating ownership rights to the television program, she started her own production company and had a net worth of $340 million by age 41. In 2006, at the age of 52, Oprah was the highest-paid television personality in the USA. She was able to do all of this because she had a plan.

In recent years, Oprah has co-authored five books and is allegedly considering running for President of the United States in 2020. 

Oprah’s Homes

In 2008 she sold her 4,806-square-foot penthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, for $1.8 million. After that, Oprah lived in her 9,625-square-foot Chicago residence, which she owned from 1985 to 2015 and sold for an incredible $4.625 million. Rumor has it that this house is filled with all the latest tech gadgets money can buy.

A celebrity billionaire of her caliber must have a lavish home, or so we would expect. Well, she has not just one, but six homes that we are aware of, scattered across the country. 

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Montecito, California 

“The Promised Land,” or so it’s called, is probably the most prominent home owned by Oprah. The 20,424-square-foot mansion sits on a secluded 42-acre estate. Oprah started her search for a home in the Southern plantation region after the release of her 1998 movie “Beloved.” She finally purchased the Southern California property in 2001. Rumour has it that she paid $52 million for the estate. Due to renovations, landscaping, and her fame, the estate is now worth over $100 million. 

The Neo-Georgian mansion overlooks oceans and mountains and is surrounded by trees and lush green landscape, including avocado and other fruit orchards. A red brick drive leads up to the main entrance. To fix the formerly museum-like mood of the Oprah house, she redesigned it in 2013 to have a homier feel.

The Expansion 

The property has six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and ten fireplaces. There are also indoor and outdoor theatres. Furthermore, a large guesthouse with a private pool, a wine cellar, and tennis courts also occupy the space. You will also find a teahouse, a large pond with a fountain, and a rose garden. 

Her “Hallelujah Lane” leads to an array of Live Oak trees. Also known as the “Twelve Apostles,” it is one of her favorite reading spots.  

In 2016, she added 23 acres to the Promised Land by purchasing the bordering Seamair Farm estate for $52 million. This ranch-style mansion has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, an outdoor pool, a tennis court, and a lake. As it was originally a horse farm, it also comes equipped with stables.  

Oprah House

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Telluride, Colorado 

In 2015, Oprah purchased this 8700-square-foot ski villa in the mountain village of Telluride. It was reportedly purchased fully furnished at an estimated $14 million.  

The home consists of five bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, a guest house, and a chef’s kitchen. It also has a lavish wine cellar and boasts numerous locations for relaxing between the six decks, the treetop fire pit, and the indoor hot tub. Her game room comes equipped with a pool table and a wet bar. 

Large windows overlook the spectacular gardens and scenery. And, to add to the extravagance, a glass bridge leads to the master suite.  

Maui, Hawaii 

Sitting on top of 163 acres in the Hana region is Oprah’s 21st-century farmhouse, which she reaches by jet plane.  

Initially, the house had a small porch, a kitchen in need of renovation, and low ceilings. The plans for minor improvements soon turned into something more significant. Oprah employed construction architects who stripped the house to its basic structure, moved the staircase, and raised the ceiling in the master bedroom. You can access the veranda, which wraps around the home, by numerous French doors. It overlooks a gorgeous view of the mountain and ocean.  

After interior renovations done by NY designer Elissa Cullman, the home has a more personal touch than her other homes. Rather than going with the native Hawaiian feel, Oprah went for a folk art vibe when decorating the house. Although still a mansion, it now reflects Oprah’s personality with its more relaxed and cozy sense. 

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Orcas Island, Washington 

In 2018, at a price-tag of $8.275 million, Winfrey secured a 43-acre estate in the Pacific Northwest. Known as “Madroneagle,” this secluded estate consists of two waterfront buildings that share a private west-facing shoreline. There are secret paths and hiking trails throughout the thick forest on the other side of the house. 

The three-story, 7,303-square-foot main house, dressed in natural wood, has a cabin feel. There are four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, and two half-bathrooms. The guesthouse has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. With all that money, even her guests are living lavishly. Need to catch up to Oprah’s wealthy, make money with these tricks.

On the main level of the house, you will find the kitchen, living room, dining area, and bedrooms. A staircase leads to the upper level, where you will find an additional room, game room, and bathroom. On the lower level of the house, you can find a home office, wine cellar, and tasting room. 

You will also find a teahouse with a firepit overlooking the east sound. On the lower level of the barn, this fitness guru has a workout and yoga studio with an impressive view. And to top it all off, there is also a woodworking studio, a custom sauna built into the land, and an underground hobbit-like hut.  

These are only four of the homes owned by Oprah today. There are also rumors that she owns condos in New Jersey, Florida, Alpine, Nashville, and Antigua. 

Oprah House

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What Else Keeps Oprah Busy?

We all want the inside look at the lives of rich and famous, especially one as influential as Oprah. So, what does she enjoy doing – that is, besides her career as a TV personality, media genius, businesswoman, and her real estate investments? 

Well, Oprah spends quite a bit of time doing philanthropy work. She runs many charity campaigns. These include scholarships, the Oprah’s Angel Network, fundraisers for hurricane relief efforts, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls, and donations, to name just a few. 

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As we know from watching her talk show, she also enjoys reading and even owns a book club. She loves spending time with her dogs, too. Gardening is another passion she has, and her friends and guests often receive fresh produce straight from her garden. 

Oprah is quite the woman and has genuinely mastered finding the balance in life between work and play. How do you find balance? What do you do to keep busy or relax outside of work?

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