19 Top Sites for Last-Minute Travel Deals


Is the explorer inside you desperate to jet off to somewhere exotic? Perhaps you have the type of schedule that just would not allow you to plan ahead a few months. Either way, you might be on the hunt for some help in finding last-minute travel deals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a weekend trip near your city or an all-inclusive weekend getaway with the family or a short solo trip to a resort. There is a heap of sites and apps that can help you find some fantastic wallet-friendly last-minute trip deals. Pack your bags.

Last-Minute Travel Deals: Sites and Apps

You can scoop up some best last-minute travel deals all over the globe with these fantastic sites and apps.


LastMinuteTravel.com is all about last-minute travel. The site offers a wide range of deals for those on the go, including flights, hotels, cruises, vacation rentals, car rentals, and different kinds of activities.


Another travel site for last-minute trip booking options is the UK-based platform LastMinute.com. It covers a variety of last-minute trip options that include all-inclusive resorts, round-trip flights, European train tickets, theater tickets, car rentals and more.


GoLastMinute.com is yet another site that provides deals related to a last-minute cruise, hotels, last-minute airfare, rental cars, and full last-minute vacation packages. All of these are available within a few months. It aggregates a comparison of rates on various websites, then directs you to a separate site when you’re ready to buy. GoLastMinute’s daily email newsletter is also pretty helpful in notifying you on last-minute deals.


This site functions as a one-stop-shop where you can book everything from your hotel room to your flight, cruise, or rental car. Priceline.com also has this feature called ‘Name Your Own Price’ that lets you choose hotels that offer significant discounts to slash your fees. The site also has an app where there are further amazing last-minute deals in its ‘Tonight Only’ feature.


Another one-stop-shop solution to last-minute deals is ebooking.com. Here you can find all kinds of incredible last-minute getaway deals, whether they are for hotel rooms, flights, cars, or other activities. You can filter and buy all of the offers by price, discount, stay date, destination, and beyond.

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Expedia is a useful website and app, as it’s super easy to navigate. You can filter for flights, hotels, cars, and full vacation packages, and you’ll find tons of options for any destination. You can sometimes even get packages for up to half-off. Time for a few weekend getaways?


Another fantastic app, Travelzoo, is all about travel deals on hotels, flights, vacation packages, cruises, and local and entertainment deals. It publishes deals from more than 2000 travel, entertainment, and local businesses such as spas and restaurants.


Orbitz is a travel aggregator that provides omnichannel shopping for last-minute deals. Like Expedia, it offers daily and weekly travel deals, while it also compares prices across airlines. The discounts range from round-trip airfare to travel packages to hotel bookings, which means Orbitz will cover you for the entire trip.

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Last-Minute Travel Deals for Flights

Buying a flight that doesn’t put a severe dent in your wallet is tricky, if you are planning a last-minute vacation. The good news is that there are tools out there to combat this to score some great flight prices. Here are some places you can check for last-minute flight deals.

Google Flights

Google Flights allows you to book flights from more than 300 airlines and online travel agencies. It’s the search engine’s helpful tool that obtains fares from various travel sites and brings it to you super quickly. You have to provide the date, departure, and arrival destination, and voila! Flights appear in almost an instant.

If you don’t have a travel destination in mind, try just entering in your departure city and travel dates without a particular set destination. The cheapest flights to cities around the world populate the results section – and maybe you’ll find yourself in an entirely new corner of the globe.


CheapOAir focuses on flights with discounted rates. For last-minute flights, you have to go to the tab ‘Last Minute Flights’ and you can find amazingly low prices. Here you can find cheap tickets and save big on flights booked at the last minute.

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The Hopper mobile app enables you to search for flights and compare deals for traveling. The app can also help you get predictions on the date that the flights might be the cheapest so that you can plan accordingly. For last-minute trips, it can show you the cheapest day to fly within the range of your preferred dates.


Vayama.com has a lot of good deals for last-minute trips. It mainly deals with international flights, and you can even get deals right on the homepage of the site. You can also check the ‘Trending Deals’ section of the site for the latest and relevant offerings.

Airfare Watchdog

AirfareWatchdog enables you to save on last-minute trips in a lot of ways. Firstly, on the website, you can find all the last-minute travel deals from the airport of your choice to the destination of your choice. If you are flexible on where to travel, the tool helps in making it easy to find the best deals within the month from your airport. Also, you can set up alerts for notifying you when there is an airfare deal for your last-minute trip. It also offers tips on incredible airfare deals, and if you follow them on social media, you can get insights on flight deals all around the world.

Last-Minute Hotel Deals

As you book your flight for a destination, a significant concern is to get a nice room in a hotel. Here are some apps that can help you in finding a hotel and in last-minute hotel room bookings.

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Another excellent app for booking at last minute, Hotel Tonight, lets you book a week in advance and helps you get last-minute bookings at reduced rates. From double occupancy hotels and beyond, you can check deals every day at noon. There are thousands to choose from, but keep a careful watch, and you can find the hotel of your dreams, even at the last minute.


If you are looking for a last-minute hotel package with a good discounted deal, the Hotwire app can be your go-to app. Whether you are looking for a five-star luxury resort, a budget option near the airport or a comfortable hotel anywhere near your favorite location, they have got you covered. The planning tools help in searching for and finding all last minute travel deals available, as well as getting price alerts.

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Last-Minute Cruise Deals

Cruises typically have to be booked well in advance, but if you are looking to hop on deck on short notice, you can find some good deals here:

Cruise Finder (iCruise)

iCruise is a platform that connects searchers to sales for top cruise lines that journey to locations all over the world. Cruise Finder’s Hot Deal feature finds last-minute cruise deals with savings.


Through CruiseCompete.com, travel agents will offer you quotes to get last-minute deals for all types of vacations. You can also find two-for-one cruise deals under its Super Cruise Specials.


Cruise.com is the place to go for last-minute cruise deals. Got a spare three-day weekend to take advantage of? See if a four-day vacation in the Bahamas helps you de-stress.


The CruiseCritic has last-minute cruise deals to various regions such as Bermuda, Alaska, the Caribbean, and Europe. Trips usually leave within the month, and fares are generally comparatively less than the price mentioned on the full brochure.

So, What’s Next?

Don’t let people tell you that booking a last-minute getaway is always outrageously pricey. They’re only troublesome if you don’t know where to look. If you’re savvy about getting vacation deals for airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and excursions, you can save tons of cash by whittling down the last-minute price tag. Right now, the websites and apps we went over have some must-have deals on trips to places all over the globe. Check them out, and you might be able to find yourself a crazy cheap, bucket-list trip to your favorite destination.

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