These Cyber Monday Travel Deals Await You


Cyber Monday provides an excellent opportunity for you to get great travel deals. You might be booking a holiday vacation trip, or you might need to get home for the holidays. Whether it’s business, a trip to visit family, or a getaway, Cyber Monday is an excellent time to book flights. 

Not only can you book flights at discount rates, but you can reserve hotel accommodations at a low price as well. You will even find discounts on rental cars. If you plan on taking a trip, you might want to consider booking on Cyber Monday.

Here are some different travel deals available on Cyber Monday. 

Hotel Accommodations

As the holidays approach, various listings update, giving special rates for Cyber Monday. Many places offer lists of hotels that are celebrating Cyber Monday by offering you low-rate, high-quality accommodations.

Suggested Reading: How to Get the Best Cheap Travel Deals with Little Effort works to find discount rates for travelers, and Cyber Monday is no exception. Be sure to check the website on that day. The site will offer an electronic coupon. You will be able to click on it to see what type of deal you will get.


Priceline posts codes every few hours on Cyber Monday when you are signed in. You can get up to 50 percent off on certain hotel rates. Priceline might even send some codes for 99 percent off, so make sure your email address is current.

On Cyber Monday, will give a 50 percent off coupon that’s good on hotels in the Vegas area. Not only are hotels discounted, but the website will reduce rates on shows too.

Other Sites to Check Out

  • Hotwire
  • Expedia

Flight Deals

Airlines usually give exclusive deals on airfare on their sites for Cyber Monday. You want to check as many airlines as you can to ensure you get the best deal on round-trip flights. Here are some airlines you should check out to save on flights.

American Airlines

American Airlines offers discounts on all flights during Cyber Monday. On some deals, a three-night minimum stay is required, so make sure you are reading the fine print. American Airlines will often offer last-minute deals. Check their website frequently so you will avoid missing out on a great deal. 

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has a Cyber Monday sale that begins at midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning and lasts until Wednesday. If you plan to book with Delta Airlines, you will need to stay logged in during that time.

United Airlines

United Airlines often gives Chase cardholders 50 percent off flights on Cyber Monday, and they offer 40 percent off flights to non-card holders. If you prefer United Airlines, or you are a Chase cardholder, you might want to stay logged in on the United Airlines website to take advantage of these fantastic deals. 

Other Airlines to Check for Flight Deals

  • Aeromexico
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Iberia
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Norwegian
  • Air Canada
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • British Airways

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Best Time of the Day to Book Flights

Travelers often say there are certain times of the day that you will find the best deals on flights, particularly on Cyber Monday. Afternoons are usually best. People often shop too early or too late, but a happy medium is best, according to some travelers. 

Cyber Monday Travel Deals

Top Destinations to Visit on Cyber Monday

Some destinations are more popular than others for Cyber Monday travel. The following locations have ranked among those most popular:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Moscow
  • Barcelona
  • Amsterdam
  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok

Although these destinations are popular, you should not rule out your dream destination if it is not one of these cities. Many places offer Cyber Monday and cyber weekend deals on things like all-inclusive resorts, a boutique hotel, a resort spa or other types of hotel stays.

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All-Inclusive Vacations

Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Vacations is a vacation ownership company. With this organization, you can get an eight-night, seven-day vacation at some resorts. This getaway usually costs only $499.

Some of the locations you can visit with this particular package are Arizona, Florida, Mountain Run at Boyne in Michigan, and Wilderness Club in Big Cedar, Mo. These places are all popular tourist attractions you will not regret visiting. 

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Destination Hotels 

Destination Hotels usually offers a bargain. Not only do they provide quality accommodations at low prices, but they also enter you in a drawing for a three-night stay in Aspen, Colo. The deals with this company to stay in Aspen for a few days will be a bargain even if you do not win the grand prize.

Gurney’s Resorts

If you want an oceanfront vacation for your Cyber Monday deal, you should check out Gurney’s Resorts. You could visit New York’s Long Island or other coastal locations. Cyber Monday deals could be 30 percent to 50 percent off.


If you choose to visit Arizona, the Miraval Arizona Resort and Spa will offer great Cyber Monday deals, which include private sessions and other activities. Miraval Life in Balance Spa at Monarch Beach offers up to 50 percent off on their standard rates for Cyber Monday. Choose your location, and watch for the deal at the right time. 

Generator Hostels

If you would love a European trip for your Cyber Monday getaway, visit Generator Hostels’ website. They offer as much as 57 percent off their standard rates. This company has 14 locations in the United States and Europe, allowing you to tour internationally at a nice price.

Hotel Commonwealth Boston

Do you want to visit Boston? If so, Hotel Commonwealth is located at Kenmore Square in Boston. The view from your room would be lovely, and you would have a chance to tour the city. At certain times of the day on Cyber Monday, you can book this getaway for $108 per night.

The William Vale, New York City

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you can see the skyline views of Manhattan from this location. If you are looking for a chance to visit New York City, this opportunity could be for you. On Cyber Monday, you could receive 40 percent off the best rates.

Florida’s Isla Bella Beach Resort

If the December weather is chilly in your neck of the woods, try visiting Isla Bella Beach Resort. The location is in the Florida Keys, and the resort is new. This resort’s Cyber Monday deals are a steal, so be ready to book your trip on Cyber Monday.

Florida’s Cheeca Lodge and Spa

This resort is located in the village of Islamorada, the sport-fishing capital of the world. Islamorada is a private estate with 214 guestrooms and oceanfront suites and a 525-foot pier. The rates are at least 40 percent off. The perfect getaway for beach lovers and fishing lovers is waiting for you on Cyber Monday.

Grand Isle Resort and Spa in the Bahamas

If a trip to the Bahamas sounds good to you, Cyber Monday is a great time to look for a bargain. Grand Isle Resort and Spa is located in Great Exuma on a one-mile-long beach. The discount will be 60 percent off the regular price. You must stay for at least four nights, but that would be welcoming if you love the Bahamas. 

Grand Cayman’s Margaritaville Beach Resort

Perhaps you prefer Grand Cayman. If so, the Margaritaville Beach resort is waiting for you. Newly renovated and offering activities for children, this resort would be a great family getaway. A five-star restaurant and water activities are available here. The rates are low on Cyber Monday.


Scenic is a luxury cruise and tour company that offers fantastic deals during the holidays. The company offers a dozen sailings on the Danube, Rhine, Main, and Seine Rivers and sailing in Holland and Belgium. Low-price offers will be yours for the taking. Watch the Scenic website on Cyber Monday. 


Since Expedia is one of the top-notch travel-booking companies, you might want to visit their website on Cyber Monday. They offer $100 off $200 flights and $100 off $200 activities. Discounted rates are also available for other travel activities that might interest you.  

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is a small tour operator. You can get a discount on over 1,000 trips. Some of the spots included in this deal are India’s Golden Triangle, Tanzania, and the Caribbean. You can book both flights and rooms at great rates.  


London is quite possibly one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. A vast amount of tour opportunities are waiting for you there. No matter the amount of time you plan on spending there, London will not disappoint you. Flight deals tend to be cheaper flying from the United States to London. You will also find train rides at discounted prices for you and your family to ride from England to France.


Another trendy travel destination, Hawaii, offers tons of fun and culture during your stay. Hawaiian Airlines always has Cyber Monday deals. You will have no problem finding bargains on accommodations, either. 

Sales for Travel Gear

Since you are looking into travel deals, you will need gear for your trip. You can find luggage deals and other accessories at up to 50 percent off. Cole Haan and eBags are among some of the companies that provide these exceptional deals.  

Ski and Snowboarding Deals

If you plan to find a ski or snowboarding getaway, you can find great package deals on Cyber Monday. Here are some places where you can get bargains.


Cyber Monday purchases start early, so be on the lookout even before Black Friday. When you spend $100, you will get $115. When you spend $150, you will get $175. If you decide to spend $200, you will get $250.  

Lift Tickets in New England and Northeastern U.S.

If you want to travel to the northeastern part of the United States, great deals will be available on Cyber Monday. Hunter Mountain, Jack Frost Big Boulder, Burke Mountain, and Mount Snow are some places you can find the bargain you are seeking.

Cyber Monday Wedding Deals

If you are planning a wedding, Cyber Monday is the day to shop for the best deals. Not only can you find great prices on dresses and accessories, but you can also get a bargain on a Las Vegas wedding. Some brides-to-be dream of a Las Vegas chapel and a honeymoon suite. If that is what you are looking for, it is within reach.  

Here are some choices to consider.

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Traditional Wedding

Viva Las Vegas weddings will make your traditional wedding romantic and elegant. Your wedding can be flawless and stress-free by choosing one of their package deals on Cyber Monday. The package includes rehearsal, photography, video, and fresh flowers. The friendly staff members take care of all the details so you can enjoy your day.

Elvis Wedding

If you want your wedding to be a bit more non-traditional, you can choose the Elvis Wedding package. An Elvis impersonator will officiate your ceremony, making your day unforgettable. They will also play the Elvis songs of your choice, such as “Love Me Tender” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Cyber Monday deals with Viva Las Vegas can make this type of wedding happen for you. 

Themed Wedding

Cyber Monday Travel Deals

If you want to go a step beyond a non-traditional wedding, a themed wedding with Viva Las Vegas might be what you are seeking. Cyber Monday is the day to make this choice. The chapel is equipped with fog lights and other theatrical effects to go with the theme you choose. You can make the wedding as highly imaginative as possible.

Here are some of the themes you have to choose from:

  • Santa’s Workshop Special
  • Christmas Special
  • Graveyard Special
  • The 50s and 60s
  • Disco Wedding
  • Gangster
  • Rock-n-roll
  • Western
  • Beach Party
  • Camelot

Renewing Your Wedding Vows

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, Cyber Monday might be a great time to find a deal on a Las Vegas ceremony. Many chapels perform this service, and you will find it at a bargain. 

The Cyber Monday Bottom Line

No matter what your destination choice, searching for Cyber Monday travel deals will land you the vacation or visit with the family that you can afford. No destination is off-limits. You have the choice of staying in your own country or traveling abroad with the deals you will find.  


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